First Day of MOPS!

Okay fellow mommies, I’m going to say it, if you aren’t already involved in a MOPS group, find one! It has been so wonderful to be a part of, and I have only been going since January. I think it is important to remember that, like anything in life, you get out of it what you put into it. That being said, let me tell you about our first day of MOPS this semester :)

I am just so excited about this year! I was asked to be a part of the steering committee this year, and will be acting as the Special Events leader. I’m pretty excited about this :) I have always enjoyed planning things like this, but don’t necessarily consider myself very good at it. But that’s okay! I have a committee! That’s right, a committee just for Special Events! So much fun.

This year’s theme for MOPS is “A Beautiful Mess”. Our lives are messy, yes, but God is doing a work in each of our lives to make it more beautiful! We are HIS masterpiece, and worthy of love! Each of the leaders were interviewed to tell why we like this year’s theme, and my response: Because I’m messy! and trying to reform. And isn’t that what this blog, and really this whole year has been about for me?

For the first day, the steering committee decided to wear aprons to distinguish the leaders. The idea of house robes had been suggested, but it was decided that that would communicate an attitude of accepting and living in the mess. Verses the aprons, which seem to communicate acknowledging the mess in our lives, but not accepting it. Rather, embracing the role of a wife and mother, embracing setting a good example for our children, that life is worth living, and we are worth the effort. If we do not make an effort to be presentable, and appear to care about ourselves, why would our children? I am not here to accept and wallow in the mess. I want change. For myself, for my husband, and for my children.

So here is to celebrating A Beautiful Mess, and the work God is doing in our lives!

Our craft coordinator this year is Nancy, and let me tell you, she is a creative genius! She mentioned decorating our aprons (we started with just a basic white apron) and I said I would love some help with mine.


We got together, and Nancy did all of the hard work haha. She made a gorgeous blue ruffle for the edge of the apron, and showed me how to iron a double sided iron on webbing to the fabric that I had chosen to decorate with. So while I set to work ironing and using her nifty shape cutter to get my pieces together, she plugged away making my ruffle.



Here is the end result! I am in love. It is so gorgeous! Don’t you just love the ruffle?!

IMG_2162.JPG IMG_2164.JPG

Inspired by my ruffle and polka dots, I decided to go 1950s for my outfit on our opening MOPS day. Complete with black pumps and red lipstick! Hehe, it was so much fun.


Also, day one, the steering committee brought food for everyone. (Usually a care group table brings food.) So since I am dairy-free (more on that later, I’m sure) I always try to bring something I can eat, haha go figure! I don’t know about you, but I love French Toast. Especially baked French Toast. It’s amazing. So I decided to make this¬†recipe. If you know me at all, you know this is a very daring recipe for me to try to make. And out of laziness, I didn’t do a test run. *Fingers crossed!*

So here you go, my baked french toast journey! Here is after it is prepped with the egg mixture.


And with the cinnamon oatmeal crumble topping set to bake in the morning.



Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of the finished product, until after it was mostly eaten! But imagine it all whole, gorgeous golden baked oatmeal top, with raspberries, blueberries, and pecans for optional toppings. It was amazing! Jd laughed at me the night before the meeting, getting out my dress, pumps, apron! and cooking! I’ve come a LONG way!


Haha it is going to be a good year!