Diaper Love

Part of my Cloth Diaper Series

And now, my favorite diaper of all. P.S. Sorry for the long absence! I will try to update more frequently!

Best Bottom Diaper System. Love.

There are a few reasons I love these so much. I don’t even know where to really start… Okay, here we go. First of all, the diaper covers are a one size diaper. They have snaps up the front to adjust the rise of the diaper, as well as snaps along the wings to adjust the waist. They fit from birth to 35lb. Also, to help keep the diaper trim, the liners are sized and can grow with baby as well. They have three sizes of liners that will cover baby from birth to potty training.

One of my favorite features is how the liner actually snaps into the cover. This decreases any shifting and also helps keep a more trim diaper. For night time, you just snap in a doubler (or even two) and are good to go! The liners come in micro-fleece or hemp (natural products are more absorbent).

Another reason I love them: the covers just seem sturdy. Like they aren’t’ going anywhere any time soon. I really think they would hold up well through multiple children. They also have a double leg gusset, so leaks are rare.

And the covers are just adorable!!! I love their patterns! One of my favorites is the moolicious pattern. Clearly Eden needs a diaper cover with a cow print. Seriously, go check out their prints here.

Also, these diapers are very cost effective, especially if you buy them in bulk. For $240, you can get 9 shells and 24 stay-dry inserts. You would only really need a few doublers on top of this for a full time diaper stash. These are the only diapers I have ever heard of that are loved by *everyone* who tries them. I really have not ever heard anyone who didn’t love these diapers. I definitely plan on using these for many years to come!

Has anyone else had great success with these diapers? And if you live in the Springs, go to Baby Cotton Bottoms, they will take great care of you!