DIY Front Door Wreath

So truthfully, I made this wreath back in the fall and intended it to be seasonal, but I have left it up, and still love it! And its super easy to make, so here is a quick tutorial. Sorry, I forgot to take during pictures.


First, I bought a foam wreath form and some fake flowers to decorate it with. Also, to make it a bit more personal, I had a letter “B” to add. I already had burlap and tan muslin fabric to wrap it with.

I wrapped the muslin around the wreath form in strips, and then did the same with the burlap. I already had a big piece of burlap, so I just cut it in 2-3″ strips. The muslin is added underneath so that the white foam won’t show through the burlap. All of this was secured at the back with basic sewing pins.

Next, I decided on an arrangement I liked with the fake flowers before hot gluing them in place.


Last, I painted the “B” a nice burnt orange and hot glued it to the wreath as well. And the very last step was just adding some ribbon to hang the wreath with. The only thing I didn’t account for was the weight of the wooden letter, so it hangs a little crooked. I may try to fix this in the future, but it works for now.

So there you have it! A quick and easy wreath for your front door. And I have been rather pleased with how well it has worked for our front door in spite of it being more of a “fall” wreath. I still love it! Doesn’t it look great?!


Have you made any fun wreaths lately? They are such a simple update for your front porch! I just love it :)

Woolzies Dryer Balls GIVEAWAY!!!

Because I love Woolzies so much, and want to share them with you, I’m hosting a Woolzies Dryer Balls Giveaway! And this just makes my heart all warm and fuzzy inside :)

Entering is easy, just enter using the Rafflecopter widget below. A random winner will be selected and contacted about their fabulous prize! This giveaway is available worldwide, so share with your friends, people!

For more information about what Woolzies are, see my product review.


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Product Review: Woolzies Dryer Balls

Woolzies Dryer Balls are exactly that. Dryer balls made out of 100% wool. They shorten drying time and are a natural fabric softener. So instead of using dryer sheets, which cause build up and shouldn’t be used on towels or things like cloth diapers, wool dryer balls are completely natural, don’t leave any build up or residue, and help to shorten the drying time of your load.

As a fabric softener, these are absolutely just as effective as dryer sheets, but I can also use them on my towels and cloth diapers, which I love! I love that I can put them in with Eden’s diapers to help keep them nice and soft for her little sensitive bum.

They are advertised as helping with static cling, but I can’t say I have personally experienced that. Although, I do live in a dry climate, and don’t really have much luck in this area with dryer sheets either. So, maybe its just my dryer or where we live, who knows…

As far as drying time is concerned, I have definitely noticed a difference. The caveat here is that you need a minimum of 6 dryer balls to shorten drying time, and more = shorter drying. For our family, I have noticed about a 20% decrease in drying time of big loads. This is especially true for a larger load. I have been able to decrease the heat used to dry my laundry as well as a shorter time. For our cloth diapers (as long as I am doing the full load) the drying time has decreased from 90-100 minutes to 70-80. These do still need to be on high heat but I am pretty happy with a 20 minute shorter time frame!

For a regular load, I have been able to decrease everything by one heat setting from what I used to dry them at, as well as about a 20% shorter time frame. I will go ahead and note that if I am doing a smaller load, especially with the diapers (but also everyday laundry), it doesn’t necessarily seem to help a whole lot. The smaller load still seems to take about 100 min to dry, but they do come out nice and soft :)

Another thing you can try is adding essential oils like lavender to the balls, and it only takes a couple of drops. This gives your laundry a nice scent. I haven’t tried this yet, purely because I haven’t bought the oil yet, but I have heard great things about this method and fully intend on trying it out. Once I do, I’ll give you an update!

Grade = A- Yes I would definitely recommend these! And look forward to adding some essential oils for a nice scent :)

Pros: Overall, I have been very pleased with the Woolzies Dryer Balls. In the long run, they are much cheaper than dryer sheets and don’t cause buildup or residue. I have seen a shortened drying time and decreased heat settings. Everything definitely comes out comfy and soft! Cheaper than dryer sheets when spread out over time. They are also hypoallergenic.

Cons: I have not noticed any difference as far as static is concerned, and some things even seem a bit more staticky. I also have not had decreased drying time for the smaller loads of laundry (which is the opposite of what is advertised, maybe I should do a time trial comparison…) More expensive upfront cost compared to dryer sheets at $35/set of 6.


P.S. See their website for additional information and purchasing options (set of 3/6).

P.P.S. It is important to note that while I was given a free set of Woolzies Dryer Balls to write this review, all opinions expressed are strictly my own. I had already heard great things about them and wanted to give them a try.

I hate New Years Resolutions. And Here’s My Alternative.

So I recently read a blog post about not having New Years Resolutions, but rather having a word to describe your upcoming year. I like this idea immensely. I really hate New Years Resolutions, mainly because for me they are always an epic failure. I’m just plain terrible at actually following through on something like this. So I have come up with my word for 2014.

Intentional – done by intention or design (per

I am definitely not always the best at being intentional about things. Things that matter. Like taking care of my house, or going to exercise. But this is my goal, or if I may, my intention for this year. I want to be more focused and present. Some of the synonyms definitely get at my goal here: conscious, deliberate, purposeful, intended. I think this speaks to the number one way I want to improve myself.

I want, no, I need to be more intentional in my life. So here goes. To 2014, and being intentional.



P.S. Lets not think about the fact that I have been “intending” on writing this post for oh, about 13 days now. Baby steps, people. Baby steps.