Hey there! My name is Christine. I live in CO with my daughter, hubby, and our two crazy dogs. I am a full time mom, and part time nurse. I am one of the most unorganized people ever. And I’m here to share the joys and struggles of being a mom and wife.

So here I am, spilling the beans about my misadventures in mommy-hood, because I know I’m not the only one out there! But I see the order in other families’ homes, and the love that is shown in this way, and want that for my children, my husband, and myself.

I am one of those people who gets incredibly overwhelmed by cleaning, because I am too much of a perfectionist. It has taken me years to learn that it is okay to just tidy sometimes. But when it comes to deep cleaning, I still have the tendency to turn my eyes away, because I get so focused on how much needs to be done instead of how much I have already gotten done. And this isn’t a good way to love my family.

And so, I’ve decided to be public about what I am trying to do. Because I want to change! I want to be the best mom and wife I can possibly be. I want to love and serve my family in the way I was called to. Proverbs 31 provides us with an incredible example of a godly wife and mother, and that is my aim. I know I will not achieve perfection, but through the grace of God, I can love my family a little bit better.

Motherhood is also supposed to bring us joy! It’s supposed to be fun! I want to remember that, and bring more joy to our lives. So let’s have fun together and with our children! Let’s embark on a journey to live our lives the way God intended, with joyful hearts and families full of laughter and love. That is what I want my home to be. Joyful.