Operatastic Mommy Break

This weekend the Opera Theatre of the Rockies performed the French opera, “Lakme”, and my friend Karin, was one of the singers. I have been wanting to go see her perform for a while now, and this seemed like a great opportunity!


It’s been so long since I have been able to add anything to my Playbill binder!!! Yes, I have a Playbill binder. Isn’t it great?!

My hubby was nice enough yesterday to, instead of coming with me to the opera, and yawning the whole time, stay home to watch Eden. Opera really isn’t his thing… but it was right up my alley, and I was wanting a mommy break.

So yesterday afternoon, I went solo to the Opera. This was actually my first opera, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that subtitles have become pretty standard at the performances (which helps tremendously, seeing as the entire performance is sung… in French.) Also, it is rather helpful to read the synopsis before the production to understand what is actually happening.

The singing was fantastic! The lead soprano, Brittany, had an incredible voice. I thoroughly enjoyed her performance of the famous aria, “The Bell Song” as well as the “Flower duet”.

And for being my first opera, it was really fun! Again, the subtitles (well, supertitles; they were projected onto a dropdown screen) helped a lot. The music was wonderful, the orchestra fantastic, and of course Karin was pretty amazing! Karin had a very fun role in this opera, and she was fantastic! It was really neat to get to see a friend perform something like this, and she has an incredible singing voice. I truly enjoyed getting to see her.

And one of the truly fun parts of the production was the dancers from the Natyasangam Dance Academy. It is a dance academy that teaches traditional Indian dances. They did an amazing job bringing the authentic dancing and attire to life.

IMG_2818Doesn’t everyone wear fancy hats to the Opera? Oh, no, apparently not. We should definitely bring that back! Who doesn’t love an excuse to look fancy and wear a great hat?!

All in all, it was a great time away from the baby, and a fun cultural experience. Have you been to any plays or operas lately? What is your favorite? I wonder what I will go see next. the Opera Theatre of the Rockies is performing “The King and I” in July. How fun would that be??